Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Xasthur- Portal of Sorrow


I don't foresee any better albums being released this year, and it's supposedly the last one Scott's doing under the name Xasthur. PORTAL OF SORROW IS TRULY SOME EXTREMELY COLD, DEPRESSIVE UNHOLY SHIT!!!! Its guaranteed to furnish that bone-tingling feeling you get after taking a piss you've held back for way, way too fucking long. Certain tracks like number three, shrine of failure, remind me of gravesideservice. Removing the focus from guitars, such a primary element of black metal, really changes the way we as audience listen to the songs we're hearing on Portal of Sorrow. A truly well executed, nonconventional concept. I especially dig the bizarre album artwork. Download it, lock yourself in your bedroom, and embrace the loneliest week of your life.


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