Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sangre Y Tierra- Cuando Los Blancos Vienen


A solo release from the guitarist of Frontier, this is Sangre Y Tierra's first demo. Displaying some severely cruel sounding production of abominable guitar slaughterings mixed with reprehensible vocal excrement! I heard a piece of what's to come from the split release with Disguster and let me tell you... All virgins will die.

Ipsissimus- The Three Secrets of Fatima


Awesome New England Black metal band from Connecticut. They Released this album in 2009. Really good USBM sounds with almost sort of an Autopsy feel at times. This album was so well done that i barely feel worthy of its unholiness. I heard that there may be a manifestation of a tape cassette release of this one. The CD's and Vinyl for it are still available through! I'm pretty sure Red Scroll Records in CT. put it out so you also may have a chance to get your hands on one through them.

Disguster- Flesh and Fear


Fucking Disguster man! What else is there really to say? A horrifically violent messy fucking load of bloody shit from Holyoke, Massachusetts. This is his first release as Disguster, but I remember him from back in his days as the bassist from Dangur (Also check this band out or else fuck off.)!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



This band is quite certainly, (or arguably... or both) responsible for some of the most stimulating, critically hated, abhorrently induced blog threads ever posted on the Encyclopaedia Metallum reviews page. From Cranston, Rhode Island this is Masters in Lunacy by GRAVESIDESERVICE. An album recorded in New England with gloaming soundscapes founded on a deranged concept. Masters in Lunacy bends our ear holes into new platforms of listening. An album that gets weird but still packs bite like a kick to the teeth. Even far more depressing than the fowl stench from a sense of false hope at a funeral. Plan on taking a shower after listening to these guys, this shit is full of awesome filth.

Darkwor- Foederati


Darkwor are a brutal black metal band based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. Definitely one of the best performances in New England today. This album is purely evil, mystic and fowl like dried menstrual blood stains on a pew. Some really good war metal beats and blasts on this one. Currently unsigned but I have a feeling not for long. A disgusting gem of darkness!

Xasthur- Portal of Sorrow


I don't foresee any better albums being released this year, and it's supposedly the last one Scott's doing under the name Xasthur. PORTAL OF SORROW IS TRULY SOME EXTREMELY COLD, DEPRESSIVE UNHOLY SHIT!!!! Its guaranteed to furnish that bone-tingling feeling you get after taking a piss you've held back for way, way too fucking long. Certain tracks like number three, shrine of failure, remind me of gravesideservice. Removing the focus from guitars, such a primary element of black metal, really changes the way we as audience listen to the songs we're hearing on Portal of Sorrow. A truly well executed, nonconventional concept. I especially dig the bizarre album artwork. Download it, lock yourself in your bedroom, and embrace the loneliest week of your life.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sadistik Exekution- The Magus


Transneobathasaurkaldelusions Of The Unknown 01:182. The Magus 04:043. Agonizing the Dead 03:144. Sadistikly Exekuted 05:525. Cautness Darling Blood 04:006. Possessed Haemorrhage 04:327. Lupercalia 03:268. Spirits are Komming 04:419. I'll Kill You Bastard 04:13

Hard, blackened death metal from Australia. The Magus is harsh and chaotic, Sedistik Exekution drops bombs of devastating violence with a unique madness of originality. It was recorded back in 1986 but not released by Vampire Records until the early 90's. Created way fucking ahead of its time. Nasty production with tons of analog grit. The Magus is a truly fucking brutal masterpiece.