Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sadistik Exekution- The Magus


Transneobathasaurkaldelusions Of The Unknown 01:182. The Magus 04:043. Agonizing the Dead 03:144. Sadistikly Exekuted 05:525. Cautness Darling Blood 04:006. Possessed Haemorrhage 04:327. Lupercalia 03:268. Spirits are Komming 04:419. I'll Kill You Bastard 04:13

Hard, blackened death metal from Australia. The Magus is harsh and chaotic, Sedistik Exekution drops bombs of devastating violence with a unique madness of originality. It was recorded back in 1986 but not released by Vampire Records until the early 90's. Created way fucking ahead of its time. Nasty production with tons of analog grit. The Magus is a truly fucking brutal masterpiece.

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