Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frontier- Demo 2010


New England Black Metal from Western Massachusetts. Hailing from Holyoke. This three piece is called Frontier. "Desecrate the all, destroy all untold. Decompose and be forgotten. Your hatred spawned, in callous cold. An unfelt edge, rid of good... In grief and anger, rotting in space. Exiled from time, in hate. Defiantly resist as disrobed. Without voice, to defend a grave." Lyrics about the detestation of technology, the westernized world and a post-modern existence. Composed with a profound hatred for colonization and a bottomless disgust for the absence of civility toward natives in the continent of North America. This is the first demo release by Frontier from the Berkshires. Expect more in the near future, we are planning to do a full length.


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