Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Godless-Church Arsonist


Godless fucking rule the earth. Their album Church Arsonist is a stampeding assault of militant anti Judeo-Christian abhorrence. This horde of three from Puerto Rico uses torturous yells and screaming cries, reminiscent of vocals from pre-Filosofem Burzum. Godless are a menace of truly divulging hatred soaked in negative emotion. From the first time I laid eyes on it the cover and layout left me asking, "what the fuck!?" Iron crosses, inverted crucifixes and churches ablaze! The album's also got some staggering soundscapes, classical guitar leads and parts with batty sounding cello leads that make me feel like I'm in Cabbage Town, Georgia stuck in some fuckin night terror of a blackened apocalyptic acid trip. Church Arsonist is the last full-length the trio put out. Released in 2006 by Rusty Axe from VA, I strongly recommend it to everyone.


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