Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sangre Y Tierra- Cuando Los Blancos Vienen


A solo release from the guitarist of Frontier, this is Sangre Y Tierra's first demo. Displaying some severely cruel sounding production of abominable guitar slaughterings mixed with reprehensible vocal excrement! I heard a piece of what's to come from the split release with Disguster and let me tell you... All virgins will die.

Ipsissimus- The Three Secrets of Fatima


Awesome New England Black metal band from Connecticut. They Released this album in 2009. Really good USBM sounds with almost sort of an Autopsy feel at times. This album was so well done that i barely feel worthy of its unholiness. I heard that there may be a manifestation of a tape cassette release of this one. The CD's and Vinyl for it are still available through! I'm pretty sure Red Scroll Records in CT. put it out so you also may have a chance to get your hands on one through them.

Disguster- Flesh and Fear


Fucking Disguster man! What else is there really to say? A horrifically violent messy fucking load of bloody shit from Holyoke, Massachusetts. This is his first release as Disguster, but I remember him from back in his days as the bassist from Dangur (Also check this band out or else fuck off.)!